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Nebraska Handyman provides professional kitchen design, remodeling, and construction in Omaha, Fremont, and Blair Nebraska.

Nebraska Handyman can handle any kitchen remodel from start to finish. Kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliance installation, general repairs, windows and doors, new sink, or any other kitchen construction project, Nebraska Handyman has got you covered.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets from Lowes, Home Depot, IKEA, Builders Supply, or custom built from scratch cabinets are the top choices for getting a new set of kitchen cabinets installed by Nebraska Handyman.
Lowes Home Depot IKEA Builders Supply

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Nebraska Handyman Kitchen Remodel Process

1. Existing Kitchen Measurements

The first thing we will do is come to your home or office and meet you. We will get as much information from you about your existing kitchen, and what changes or upgrades you are wanting to do to your kitchen. We will take several measurements of your existing kitchen and create a hand drawn blue print of your existing kitchen layout. We will also take several pictures of your existing kitchen. We will note window and door locations and sizes, electrical outlets and switches, plumbing lines and shutoff valves, flooring types, and existing appliances and furniture.

2. New Kitchen Proposal

Once we know how you want to remodel your kitchen, we will draw up a proposal that will include a drawing of the new kitchen, a list of required materials and all costs associated with your kitchen remodel, and a timeline of the work that we plan to perform.

3. Proposal Acceptance

If you are happy with our proposal and wish to hire Nebraska Handyman for your kitchen remodel project, we will further develop the kitchen timeline and plan that we sent to you in our proposal.

4. Permit ( if needed )

If we need a permit, we will go to the City Planning department and apply for a permit. Once your kitchen is approved by the city, we will begin the remodel.

5. Demolition

The first step in the work we will do is to remove all un-wanted or un-needed materials, cabinets, walls, doors, or any other demolition that is required.

7. Construction

After the demo is complete, we will move any plumbing, electrical, or appliances that need to be moved. If drywall repair is needed we will repair the drywall. We will set all cabinets in place starting with your base cabinets, and then moving to your wall cabinets. If there is any painting that needs to be done, we will do the painting. Next, we will hook up your plumbing and electrical and place your appliances in place. The last last thing we will do is set your countertops. Sometimes countertops take several days or even weeks to be made (depending on what countertops you want), so we will measure for your countertops as soon as possible.

Every Kitchen is Different

This is a general plan for a kitchen remodel, but every kitchen construction project varies and this process may be different for your kitchem. Call us at 402-699-3022 or use our contact form to get a free kitchen remodel quote.